Mary How Trust

We Invite You To Join Our Special Night In

Together, we can help people take action for their health, and build a stronger community.

You and your friends bring a dish and donate what you’d have spent on a night out. A fun way to enjoy a meal with friends and help to transform lives!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Tell us about your plans - We’ll send you a pack including invitations and thank you notes
  2. Get creative - Whether it’s cocktails & canapés or bangers & mash, your event will set taste buds tingling
  3. Enjoy your Evening! - Great company, delicious food, and raising money to save lives - the perfect recipe for a wonderful evening

Will you be part of our Mary How Trust Special Night In? Every penny you raise will make a difference!

Join the fab foodies who are dusting off their aprons and hosting Nights In with their family, friends and neighbours.

Enjoy this celebration of good food and good health!

Ask us for your own free 'Special Night In' pack, with everything you need to set up your event – from posters, balloons and invitations, to a donation form and thank you notes.

Bon appétit!

"Thanks to the Mary How Trust, my cancer was caught at the right time and I am receiving treatment; I am very grateful."

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