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Businesses: Employee Health Screening

As a business leader who understands the value of supporting your employees' wellbeing, you'll recognise that health screening helps your employees stay fit and well.

We welcome enquiries from businesses who are interested in offering health screening to their employees. And we're here to help business owners too! It’s easy to overlook how much your loved ones and co-workers rely on YOU staying fit and well.

Please contact us to discuss further - we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Here’s a brief overview of how it works:

  • How many employees will the Mary How Trust be able to screen?
    • We can screen 5 people per clinic. You decide how many members of staff you'll be offering screenings to, and we'll book the number of clinics accordingly.
  • How often will the screenings take place?
    • We recommend that you have a health screening every 2 years.
    • Depending on the number of people who come for screenings, we can arrange to hold clinics over several days or on a weekly or monthly basis.
    • Some of our corporate clients choose to arrange monthly or quarterly clinics, offering different groups of employees the chance to have a health screening.
  • Where will the screenings take place?
    • All of our health screenings take place at our screening rooms in Pulborough, West Sussex. Some of our corporate clients arrange for several employees to come on the same day, and we can use a whole clinic for this purpose.
  • How much does an employee health screening cost?
    • Our health screenings cost us £350 per person to provide, and we require a minimum of £350 per person for those participating in an employee health screening programme. This is remarkable value, and costs around half what you would pay for an equivalent service at a well-known private company.
    • NB From £500 your company has the opportunity to become a corporate health screening sponsor, with benefits for your business and for deprived Sussex neighbourhoods - find out more.
    • If your employees have healthcare insurance, our service meets the criteria for them to claim back their health screening cost from their healthcare provider: a Mary How Trust health screening is a detailed health assessment carried out by registered nurses and sonographers at an establishment registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). See our screening tests at a glance. We will be happy to discuss this with you further.
  • How can my company become a corporate health screening sponsor and help families in need?
    • By becoming a corporate health screening sponsor you'll bring health screening benefits to your employees and help families from deprived Sussex neighbourhoods.
    • Sponsorship starts at £500 per year.
    • Includes tax benefits for your business and health screening benefits for your employees, supports your CSR programme, promotes your business to a wide audience - and helps someone from a deprived Sussex neighbourhood benefit from cancer prevention and early detection.
    • Read more about this remarkable, life-saving sponsorship programme.

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Health screenings look for the early signs of cancer and other serious illnesses. We're here to help you stay well.

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