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What We're Screening For

We're looking for the early signs of serious illnesses such as bowel cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, diabetes and abdominal aortic aneurysm.

And we're here to listen to whatever health concerns you may have, and to offer lifestyle guidance to help you keep yourself well.

We have our own fully-equipped laboratory, which means we can analyse your blood samples right here and send you your results swiftly.

Your screening will provide a detailed picture of your current state of health - Apply for your health screening today.

Who can come for a health screening?

  • Men and women over the age of 18 are welcome to apply for a screening, providing you are not pregnant or currently undergoing any medical investigations, including scans or blood tests.
  • We're happy to see you at our clinic in West Sussex no matter where you live. We welcome men and women from all over the country who wish to check up on their health!
  • Please Note: health screening may not be appropriate for everyone, and we will discuss this with you when you apply for your screening.

How much should I donate for my health screening?

  • A gift of £275 covers the full cost of your health screening. This is remarkable value: half what you'd pay for a similar screening at a well-known private company.
  • We understand that not everyone can afford to cover the full cost - but please give as much as you can afford for your health screening. Your donation does matter!
  • Please donate for your health screening. With your support we can be here for you today and in the future. Thank you.
  • Check out our health screening tests at a glance.

How often should I come for a health screening?

  • We recommend that you have a health screening every two years.
  • Your health screening gives you a detailed picture of your state of health today.
    It cannot predict changes that might occur in the future, but gives you the chance of EARLY DETECTION: spotting the signs of life-threatening illness before you have symptoms, and PREVENTION: empowering you to take action today to improve your future health.

Your health screening is usually made up of two parts:

Your Nurse Appointment

A wonderful opportunity to talk openly and informally with a nurse who will conduct your screening tests and listen to your health concerns in a non-judgemental way.

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Your Scan Appointment

Your ultrasound scan can spot serious conditions like kidney cancer, ovarian cysts, and abdominal aortic aneurysm before you have symptoms.

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"It is with deep thanks to the Mary How Trust that I am now on the road to recovery."

Would You Like To Check Up On Your Health?

Health screenings look for the early signs of cancer and other serious illnesses. We're here to help you stay well.

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