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“ I realise the amount on your appointment form was not a demand and because it's the actual cost to the Trust of the tests provided, I believe it's value for money. I certainly feel I've benefited from the appointment.”

Mary How Trust lead nurse taking blood sample from seated male client

Your Nurse Appointment

Your appointment lasts up to one hour and provides the opportunity to talk openly and informally with a nurse who will review your medical history, listen to your health concerns, and provide advice for the future.

What happens during your appointment?

  • A non-fasting blood sample is taken. Blood tests can reveal critical changes in your body at the earliest stage, and are an important step towards protecting your health. Learn more about your blood test. We look at:
    • cholesterol level
    • liver function
    • kidney function
    • full red and white blood cell counts
    • HbA1c (can indicate early signs of diabetes)
    • For men aged 40 or over, we also offer a PSA (prostate) test. Learn more about your PSA test.
  • An ECG (electrocardiogram) is performed. This records the electrical activity of the heart. Learn more about your ECG. (Please note: if you have a pacemaker we won't include an ECG, as it won't give you a true reading. Our appointments team will be pleased to advise you.)
  • Your pulse and blood pressure are checked.
  • Your urine sample is checked – this can pick up several conditions including diabetes.
  • Your bowel screening test is checked to look for hidden blood in the bowel. Learn more about your bowel screening test.
  • You will have a cardiac risk assessment and a diabetic risk assessment.
  • Advice is given on osteoporosis, which is discussed in light of your age, medical and family history, and lifestyle.
  • Advice is given on self-examination for cancers such as breast, testicular and skin cancer. This means you will be more aware of the early signs of these conditions.
  • Lifestyle choices are discussed, including alcohol, diet, exercise and smoking. Our clients tell us they appreciate the encouragement we give, and find it realistic and non-judgemental.
  • Your medical and family histories are discussed, and you have the opportunity to talk about any health concerns you may have.

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"​I had no idea I had prostate cancer. To all you reluctant chaps: Man up and have your PSA checked."

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