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After Your Visit

You've had your nurse and scan appointments. What happens next?

After your visit to the Mary How Trust:

 Our laboratory scientist will analyse your blood samples in our lab.

 Your nurse will review your blood test results and the results of your other tests.

Your nurse will prepare a summary of your results and will advise you:

    • whether your results are normal
    • if we'd like you to have a repeat blood test
    • if we recommend that you make lifestyle changes
    • whether you need to see your GP for possible further action

 The sonographer will review the results of your ultrasound scan. She will prepare a summary of the results and will advise you if any further action is needed.

 You will normally receive the summary of your test results by letter, but on occasion we may need to telephone you to discuss your results.

    • You can normally expect to receive your results summary about 2 weeks after your appointment.
    • If any of your results require urgent action, we will telephone you immediately to discuss.
    • With your consent, a copy of your results will be sent to your GP.

 If we recommend that you come back to us for a repeat blood test, we will advise you how soon you should come in:

    • In 1 month (for most tests)
    • In 3 months (to give you time to make lifestyle changes to reduce your cholesterol)

If we advise you to see your GP for further investigations, we recommend that you follow this through at the earliest opportunity.

 One you've seen your GP, we’ll follow up with you by email approximately 4 months later to see how you got on.

We will let the clinical team know the outcome of your referral.

We recommend that you have a health screening every 2 years.

Many of our clients tell us they think of their Mary How Trust screening as a regular MOT for their health, which gives peace of mind and reassurance.


"​We always said that it was thanks to the Mary How Trust screening that Michael had a bonus 10 years."

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