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Before Your Visit

Handy hints to help you get ready for your visit.
The preparations are simple, but they're important for your test results!

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Preparing for your Nurse Appointment

The week before:

  • Complete the online health questionnaire that was emailed to you, and if you have not already done so.

Up to 3 days before:

  • Complete the bowel test kit sent to you in the post

2 days before:

  • Men only aged 40 and over: your PSA result may be affected by ejaculation or long periods of exercise within 48 hours of your appointment.

In the morning:

  • Avoid using moisturiser on your chest, wrists and lower legs
  • Wear a loose fitting top that can be easily removed & avoid wearing several layers. Avoid wearing garments that restrict access to your ankles.
  • Ensure wrists are clear of watches, bracelets etc.
  • Eat your usual breakfast, but avoid fried food.
  • Keep up your fluid intake
  • If you're on prescribed medication take it as usual
  • Make sure you have your bowel test kit ready to give to your nurse

Up to 2 hours before:

  • Collect a urine sample in the container provided. You must not do it more than 2 hours before your appointment.

Preparing for your Scan Appointment

The week before:

  • Complete the online health questionnaire that was emailed to you, and if you have not already done so.

The day before:

  • Avoid eating all gas-producing foods such as beans, green leaved vegetables and onions

WOMEN ONLY, At least an hour before: (You do NOT need to do the below if you've had a full hysterectomy)

  • Start drinking 2 PINTS of still water. You need to allow sufficient time to drink the water, however do not start too soon or you may have difficulty retaining it.
  • Do NOT drink tea or coffee as they are bladder irritants and will make the procedure more uncomfortable.
  • You must have a full bladder for a successful pelvic examination; Do NOT empty your bladder after you have drunk your water.
  • Please bring your own water with you if necessary to ensure you have a full bladder for your scan

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