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Brian Fanning

"I know how crucial it is to have a diagnosis about anything. I'm very glad I did that - some people ignore it."

Brian Fanning was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes following his health screening.  He explains how an early diagnosis has helped him take action for his health.

“It came out of the blue - the blood test showed my sugar level was too high. I’ve never been seriously ill, never been in hospital.

For diabetes you have to cut down on sugar, and eat more fruit and vegetables.

My friends are healthy eaters and I’m a typical 1950s English boy - bread and dripping!  As soon as the doctor told me I had diabetes, he gave me a list of do’s and don’ts for my diet. I’m more conscientious now.

Removing sweetness seemed like taking out a large part of your food. In the early days I hankered for something sweet.

Unfortunately, I'm not a cook!  I often eat ready meals. But I’m aware of all the sugar and salt in them and I’m now eating lots of salad and fruit, especially in good weather. It’s better than a ready meal!

I’m taking Metformin, which helps to control blood sugar levels, and I’m monitoring myself day by day. My results seem normal, but I won’t know for sure until my 6-month assessment. I do a lot of walking and my legs are strong, but I’m more aware of aches and pains now. My friends say that’s just a sign of getting old!

This was my first health screening. I came for the various tests – in the way of having a car service!

I know how crucial it is to have a diagnosis about anything. I'm very glad I did that - some people ignore it. I’m not happy to have something, but I’m relieved to have a diagnosis.”


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