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Jane Goossens

"My health screening discovered a kidney tumour. Thanks to you I can now concentrate on my new business."

“Last June I had just returned from Tenerife when I found out that I had a spherical mass growing on my left kidney. This was discovered during my health screening at the Mary How Trust.

After a CT scan at Worthing hospital the consultant confirmed it was a tumour, and he was 85% sure that it was cancerous.

I felt fear on hearing this, as my Mum died at a very young age – only 29! – from cancer. I thought, 'This is probably how I am going to go'.

During the time leading up to my operation I was very worried.

I had two dreams - in the first I was told that I would be going on a little journey. It gave me the feeling that everything may turn out to be alright in the end. In the second, I dreamed that a friend who had passed away from cancer was trying to reassure me.

A few weeks after the operation to remove my kidney, I was told the tumour was in fact benign. I was so relieved it was not kidney cancer.

Thanks to the Mary How Trust, I can now concentrate on my new holiday business that I am running with my partner.

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