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Robert Benson

"Few of us really appreciate just how lucky we are with good health."

Robert Benson (not his real name) tells us: “My first screening gave me a clean bill of health, apart from being a little overweight. Three years later I went for my second screening, feeling in good health.

Imagine my shock when my test results showed high cholesterol, very high glucose in my blood and excessive body mass index or weight. Immediate referral to my doctor confirmed my condition as type 2 diabetic.

Left untreated, my diabetes could have led to reduced eyesight – and possible blindness – and the loss of one or more of my limbs.  Also higher than average risk of stroke and heart disease!

Fortunately, good medical advice has allowed me to bring all of these health-threatening issues under control through focused weight loss, healthy diet and regular exercise.

I am truly grateful to the Mary How Trust for this regular MOT on my health, highlighting my diabetes, of which I was blissfully unaware.


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