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We screen 1000 people a year

Each screening costs the charity


We receive no funding from the NHS and rely solely on our wonderful supporters

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Why We're Different

Why We're Different

We believe we are the only independent health screening organisation to operate in the way we do: instead of a fixed fee for our health screenings, we ask for a donation that's based on ability to pay.

We encourage clients to give generously for their screening, but never turn anyone away if they're unable to donate the full cost.

Our mission is to make health screenings and healthy living advice available to all, ensuring the widest benefit to the community. Our heartfelt wish is to help people stay well through prevention and early detection of serious illness.

Each screening costs us £305 and we receive no NHS funding.

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We welcome men and women over the age of 18 to our clinic for health screenings. In the last year, 41% of our clients were men, and 59% were women. It's well-known that men are often less likely to visit their GP or take advantage of preventative healthcare than women, but we make a point of encouraging men to check up on their health.

Check out this infographic summarising the past year's health screening data.

Our service is entirely donor-supported.

Friends throughout the local community get involved and help in innumerable ways, giving people from all walks of life the chance to benefit from health screenings.

It’s our wonderful supporters who make our work possible. Together, we’re giving people a healthier future.

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